The Next intake for Beginner’s Classes is as follows:

3rd September 2012

14 October 2012

6 January 2013

17 February 2013

What is Salsa?

Salsa is not only a great way of keeping fit but also a really good opportunity to meet new people and have fun.

In order to dance with a partner, you need to let your guard down, co-operate with your partner and start letting go - you need to think of it as a new language.

The Salsa courses last 6 weeks and include steps from basics to partner work. Each week you will go back to the Salsa routine learnt the previous week and build on it. Read more....

Xperience Salsa offer four levels of courses and the objective are to take you from the basic steps to a good level of dancing. To find out when the next courses start call 0727438412 or 0727438412 email:

The Salsa Lessons are the more informal type of classes available at four levels in which modern steps are mixed with classic ones. We do recommend pre-registering to benefit from discounted rates. Pay as you go is also available at fee.

The venue and location is Norwich Union House, Mama Ngina Street, 5th floor Door 10,Nairobi
EVERYDAY 1500 – 2100HRS

Once the lessons are finished we get the more advanced students to dance with the beginners. This is the opportunity for you to really learn to dance Salsa and it will build a connection with the rest of the regular Salsa dancers.

1. Level of Classes Beginners

- Introducing you to the basic steps, in addition explaining what Salsa is all about and why it is so special.

2. Improvers

- When you move onto this level, we work on more combinations and focus on timing together with techniques that will help you to lead or follow well.

3. Intermediate

- At this stage you will have mastered the steps, timing and techniques. You are ready to learn some tricks and new steps and focus on your body position and movement.

4. Advanced

– At this stage you are ready explore into other avenues of related dance regime and movements. We work at perfecting all the combinations.

Am I a beginner?...
If you have never had a salsa class before, or you have tried a couple of salsa classes you are a beginner. No expertise in another dance qualifies you for salsa although you can expect to find aspects of the course easier.
An excellent natural definition of a salsa beginner is that you cannot keep the footwork sequence going consistently.

Am I an Improver...
An improver has generally completed 6-10 classes (weekly 1 hour) and can consistently keep the footwork sequence going. You will have experienced spins, turns and various combinations but probably have not mastered them or cannot remember them.
Once you can dance free-style in a club you naturally become an Intermediate.
Please note that if you have reached that free-style level but have had a break from salsa of months / years you are just a rusty intermediate and you should not go back to beginners level.
If you are not sure call us or try one of our regular weekly classes and have a chat about your level.